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METALIM CI, special processed aluminium spool with titanium decoration plate.  Modern precise machining techniques, laster engraved Chinese traditional tampo "auspicious clouds", represents decentness and propitiousness. Titanium plate avoids bumps of the spool lip and gives an entirely new look.
Precised die-casting aluminium body, cover and rotor.
11 double-shielded stainless steel ball bearings plus 1 roller
Ultra-smooth, multi-disc precision drag system.
Perfect worm shaft.
Titanium decorative lip machined aluminium spool.
Machine cut aluminium handle with soft-touch knob.
With computer 3D checking balance of rotor.
SIC(Ti-Gold) line roller to reduce friction of the line and
Waterproof front drag knob to provide better waterproof
  function .
With fire-new design bail trip cycle system allows the angler
  trip the bail easily when turning the handle.
High strength aluminium large diameter bail wire.
CI 3000
Roller bearing anti-corrosion processing
Before experiment
After experiment
  CI2000 1RB+11BB 5.0:1 4/120      6/100      8/80 (0.15/280   0.18/190  0.20/160) 275g
  CI2000M 1RB+11BB 5.0:1 4/40        6/30        8/20 (0.15/80     0.18/60    0.20/50) 277g
  CI2500 1RB+11BB 5.0:1 6/120      8/100     10/80 (0.18/220   0.20/190  0.25/120) 280g
  CI2500M 1RB+11BB 5.0:1 6/60        8/50       10/30 (0.18/100   0.20/80    0.25/50) 285g
  CI3000 1RB+11BB 5.0:1 8/120     10/100    12/80 (0.20/200   0.25/150  0.30/100) 275g
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